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Corporate Client Services

Retirement Plan Services

A large part of our practice involves retirement plan consulting specifically for 401(k), 403(b), 457 Deferred Compensation, and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans. We work with clients to develop and monitor competitive and effective retirement plans as well as assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary obligations. When consulting our corporate clients about their retirement plans we incorporate their company philosophy to ensure that the plan aligns with it. We also provide unique services that lead to an effective plan and better outcomes for participants:

  • Retirement Plan Design
  • Investment Advisory & Consulting
  • Fiduciary Management
  • Plan Performance Monitoring
  • Employee Education & Engagement

Investment Management

Outside of our retirement plan services, we also provide other financial services that address the unique needs of corporations and their employees.

We offer a comprehensive investment management process for Pension Funds, Trusts, Foundations, Endowments, Charities, and other Institutional clients that assist these entities in the fulfillment of their fiduciary duties as well as improve their investment results. We focus on offering a suite of financial solutions that allow these unique clients to uphold the values that are the basis of these entities while still meeting their financial objectives:

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Development
  • Portfolio Asset Allocation
  • Investment Advisory & Monitoring
  • Performance & Fee Benchmarking
  • Investment Committee Review Meetings

Risk Management

Many group employee benefit plans fail to supply executives and key employees with proper amounts of insurance coverage. We provide those who are not adequately covered the tools to make informed decisions about their coverage as well as options for incorporating new benefit plans with their existing coverage:

  • Estate & Succession Planning
  • Key-Employee Life Insurance
  • Multi-Life Disability Income Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Executive Benefit Plans

We recognize that all of our clients have different needs so we only utilize the services that are necessary to achieve the financial goals of our corporate clients.